About Rom Mai Thai Cuisine

Our food and restaurant

We provide authentic taste of original Thai food with a delicate decoration that exquisitely feed both your eyes and your taste buds.

These days, ready-made ingredients such as sauce, chili paste, has been an alternative ingredient of many restaurants because authentic Thai food is made of variety of herbs and plants, which is very difficult to find in London. To preserve our original taste of Thai food, we do not use only raw ready-made ingredients. We create secret recipe for ingredients, that we find them most applicable to the original one.

The restaurant is decorated in an indie and vivacious design. A fine and unique decoration of Thai food with a lively atmosphere of the restaurant is quite new perspectives of Thai food and Thai restaurant. However, the cornerstone of our Thai food taste still remains.


Our Mission

We has already discussed among the family members about an expansion of Thai restaurants by us, minimally 2-3 branches in UK. We are confident that the old food recipe of our family, which has already been one of an all-time favourite food of many Thais, will soon be the favourite of people living in London and UK.

Apart from the splendid taste of food, we encourage you to visit us to experience our most welcome services and atmosphere, which you will never regret.